Assalamu Alaikum, Assalaamu Alaikum, Masjid Bilal is an integral part of the community. It serves communities in Manningham, Girlington, and the surrounding areas. Along with holding the five daily prayers, the Mosque has many other facilities. We have funeral prayers, bereavement services (Dua / Taaziyat) for both men and women. We also conduct a Nikah Service with available help and guidance on any issues. We also hold small events i.e. Khatam, and various small receptions. There is an adult class for higher education and or re-learning basics, and Madrassah for boys and girls in the evening. I am proud to share the fact that we are a diverse community serving people from various backgrounds and cultures. We have a warm and welcoming environment that helps those attending the Mosque feel comfortable and secure. This helps build trust and unity in the wider-community.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Welcome to Masjid Bilal!

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Masjid Bilal is an integral part of the community. It serves communities in Manningham, Girlington, and the surrounding areas. Along with holding the five daily prayers, the Mosque has many other facilities. We have funeral prayers, bereavement services (Dua / Taaziyat) for both men and women. We also conduct a Nikah Service with available help and guidance on any issues. We also hold small events i.e. Khatam, and various small receptions. There is an adult class for higher education and or re-learning basics, and Madrassah for boys and girls in the evening.

I am proud to share the fact that we are a diverse community serving people from various backgrounds and cultures. We have a warm and welcoming environment that helps those attending the Mosque feel comfortable and secure. This helps build trust and unity in the wider-community.

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