Madrassah at Masjid Bilal

As a student at Masjid Bilal, you will become part of our diverse community joining a group of students at varying stages of their journey in achieving completion of the foundation programme in Islamic Studies. This is a good foundation that covers the basics of one’s duties as a Muslim. It is also sufficient to go on further for higher education in Islamic Studies or enroll at a Madrassah or Institute to complete the syllabus in becoming a qualified scholar (Aalim).

Islamic Education

The purpose of Islamic education is not to overload the student’s head with facts but to prepare them for a life of purity and sincerity. This commitment to character-building based on the ideals of Islamic ethics is the highest goal of Islamic education. This helps prepare each individual as a member of a society that both supports and serves humanity. To help achieve this, students are taught with two aims; 1) to educate each student to a level wherein they can fulfil the rights of their creator (Huqooqullah) in the way of their belief (Aqa’id) and worship (Ibaadat). 2) to build a strong foundation of recognizing and fulfilling the rights of the creation (Huqooq Ul Iba’d) in the way of good character (Akhlaaq), social responsibility (Ma’sharaat), and financial dealings (Ma’malaat).

Namaz Times

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