Projects – The BIG ONE!            

We have ongoing projects which are being done in stages. Last Ramadhan, with your help and support, the extension and renovation of the third floor was completed. This is now being used as a Namaz Hall for students and overflow for busy occasions.

We are planning to start Phase 3 which is to put up a steel structure and rebuild the main Masjid hall along with another two floors above. This will complete the Masjid which is long overdue. This will make it a big and sturdy Masjid at the centre of Bradford with many facilities for the community. To complete this, funds are required after which work will begin. We have a target of £700K for which all money spent on this will be an investment for the Aakhira and a means of Sadaqah e Jaariya for us or a loved one who is deceased, or both.

Please speak to the committee to donate or you can donate via the card terminal which is located inside the Masjid entrance, or online via;
Barclays Bank: Sort Code: 20-11-81 Account Number: 40857653

The Messenger of The Almighty said: “Charity never decreases wealth. Rather, it increases it, it increases it, it increases it.” [Muslim]

The Messenger of The Almighty said: “Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby The Almighty’s pleasure, The Almighty builds for him the like of it in paradise.” [Bukhari]

Islam is more than just worship and going to the Mosque of which much of it also covers the obligatory worship (Fardh). Islam is a way of life that supports humanity and the betterment of the community. Some of this is done through charitable giving (Sadaqah). This is not just about giving money which is spent on those in need, less fortunate around the world, and for the running of Mosques and Madrassahs, but there are other variations and methods of charity. Respecting and or helping the elderly with their daily necessities, clearing a path for others, being kind to children, picking up rubbish/litter, smiling and showing good character, giving way or opening a door for someone, etc. are all classed as a charity.

The best form of charity is that which is continuous wherein the benefits to the community are ongoing. This could be the likes of a Well providing clean water, building or financially supporting a Mosque or Madrassah to help in the cultivation of young Muslims to support and contribute to their community, a hospital, orphanage, etc. The most rewarding of all these is to teach and educate our children in Islam (Dheen) which is both an ongoing charity (Sadaqah) for us, as well as being the best of optional worship (Nafl Ibaadat).  

We have progressed and come a long way since we started out which is down to the charitable giving from big-hearted and generous individuals of the community. For this, they are blessed in that they are being rewarded daily as everything that is donated is spent on the Masjid and Madrassah in which people pray and learn on a daily basis.